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Reduce cybersecurity risks proactively by identifying security gaps and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

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Our Services

Assess your organisational risk and identify your security gaps with our extensive services offering.

Surface Management with Morpheus

Cenobe’s Morpheus is an external attack surface management platform developed by our penetration testers and security engineers to proactively monitor the perimeter of your organisation for security gaps, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Working with Us

Collaborate with our dynamic team. Achieve impactful results.

  • Assessment

    We assess your cyber risk profile and the maturity of your security program before we start developing strategies based on our expertise and your priorities.
  • Our Approach

    We enable our risk-based security assessment approach by focusing on clear communication and collaboration to develop a strong partnership.
  • RND

    Our security experts stay on top of emerging threats, work on R&D projects to improve their techniques and are using tools to provide exceptional results.
  • Reporting

    We translate the security assessment results to executive reporting so that non-technical stakeholders can realize the value of our services and understand that investing in cybersecurity is a business enabler.

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Empower your security strategy with proactive solutions. Let's discuss your defenses together in the ever-evolving digital landscape.