Threat Exposure

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is an evolution of vulnerability management. It is a pragmatic and systemic approach to continuously refine priorities in today’s complex security landscape.

Cyber Resilience Starts Here

At Cenobe, our main goal is to continuously provide value as your cybersecurity strategy matures and your needs develop to new requirements. That is why we have combined our expertise with this five-step program which addresses the limitations of enterprise risk management by fostering proactivity to achieve cyber resilience.

CTEM employs various tools and techniques, such as attack simulations and real-time threat intelligence, to simulate potential attack scenarios and security gaps.


  • Assess Cybersecurity Maturity
  • Identify Security Gaps
  • Prioritise Remediation Effort
  • Enable Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Set Strategic Goals

By operating on the principle of ongoing monitoring, CTEM allows organizations to improve their security posture systematically.

Leverage our expertise and in-house developed platform to protect your external perimeter

Our threat intelligence team will continuously monitor the internet to identify data leaks that are associated with your brand

A continuous approach to validating and improving the security controls in place

Managed services of automated EASM platform for organisations who have weekly changes of their attack surface