Our integrated approach combines strategies into penetration testing engagements focusing on vulnerabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security defences and controls and to gain actionable insights into the full extent of your security posture.

the benefits

Get compliant and meet the security requirements for ISO27001
Showcase a proactive mindset when launching new online products to your customers
Increase security awareness in your organisation by collaborating with our experts
Focus on solving your business problems and let us identify the security vulnerabilities

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Ensuring the security of your digital world and safeguarding sensitive information, we provide essential cybersecurity measures to protect your online presence from potential threats.

Penetration Testing

Our team can simulate real world scenarios to test the security of your applications from a black, grey or white box perspective so that your developers know that your customer’s data are safe when using what they develop.


Your most important apps deserve expert application security penetration testing. Cenobe’s dynamic application security testing experts leverage highly specialized cybersecurity testing tools, custom application pen testing setups, and ethical hacking techniques to find and exploit application security gaps, and prioritize the most important security vulnerabilities for you.


Web Application


Mobile Application


API Backend


Source Code Audit

Penetration Testing

Test your internal controls and get a thorough threat mapping of everything that is connected to your organisation’s network.


Network penetration testing is crucial to assess the security of your network infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. By conducting these tests, you can proactively strengthen your network defenses, prevent unauthorized access, and safeguard sensitive data. It helps in protecting your organization from cyber threats and potential breaches. All of our network penetration test services also support compliance-based requirements such as PCI.


Internal Pentest


External Pentest

Vulnerability Assessment



WiFi Pentest

Penetration Testing

Our experts on cloud security will identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and help your teams to set the right policies so that your cloud assets follow best practices.


Cyber attackers are always scanning the internet for security weaknesses. Our cloud penetration testing services detect configuration problems and vulnerabilities in your Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure. We then help you address these issues to enhance your cloud security.

Hybrid Network Pentesting


External Cloud Pentesting


Configuration Review